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"Those who miss the future snore dearly."
                                                                                                                                   Karl Heinz Karius

We are first and foremost one - independent. Wealth management depends on mutual trust.

Protection against false offers and the protection of your capital are our standards for serious investment advice.

Gold, pensions, endowment life insurance, occupational pension provision, real estate or a commitment on the financial market.  

Investment decisions are complex, sometimes fast-moving and have to be made under a flood of information.

For the calculation of net returns, tax aspects such as possible burdens from speculation or settlement taxes at home and abroad, tax relief for investments in insurance companies or tax subsidies play an important role.

Depending on the asset class, we generally recommend including large investment advisors and banks in your own considerations. As a rule, these institutions have the greatest experience for all asset classes and also have their own research departments.

On request, we will work with you to find professional partners or support you in discussions with your existing contacts.

In the case of new or existing investments, we generally recommend regular
Feedback discussions with us or your investment partners.

In these meetings, we analyse your current strategy, plan your next steps together and concentrate on possible optimisations.

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