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"Looking at history together and shaping the future together."

                                                                                Alex Ders


We have long specialised in accounting for charitable organisations. The careful separation and efficient handling of the various tax areas (ideal area, special-purpose operation, asset management, business division) require special specialist knowledge and are the focus of our advice. In addition, we support the entire tax declaration process and the introduction of a digital accounting system.

Together with our cooperation partners, we advise on legal and tax issues relating to the establishment, design and recognition of statutes, general meetings, avoidance of liability, the introduction of a remuneration system for board members or a flat fee for volunteers.

In addition, we are the right contact for questions on capital maintenance and an independent expert when it comes to aspects of asset management.

The admissibility and formation of free or restricted reserves, the development of appropriate documentation and the declaration to the tax authorities are further focal points of our work for charitable corporations.

In addition, associations and foundations must think and act entrepreneurially. We support this with our tax and business management expertise.

Planning, sustainability, succession, cost efficiency and the interests of our clients are always in our focus.

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