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"Past in retrospect!
Future in view!
Present under control?"
            Carl Peter Fröhling

Our consulting services are based on the conflicting priorities of our clients' creative considerations in relation to the conformity of existing legal norms.

Optimisation of tax burdens must be legally secure. In these processes we are "sparring partners" for our clients.

Analyzing together and sounding out the necessary leeway, we achieve balanced results.

We are always on the lookout for economically viable and secure concepts.

Tax enforcement requires expertise and moderation. Whether objections, criminal proceedings or judicial disputes, tax audits by the DRV or the tax authorities.

We always keep the overview, the clarity in the arguments and the necessary composure in the dispute.

We attach great importance to transparency between all parties involved. Based on our proven experience, the right balance between the parties plays a key role.

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