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"The future is ahead, and that's where I want to go."

Wolfgang Kownatka


The tax return of our clients is the basis for providing comprehensive, personal and confidential advice.

We always use the latest technologies for the processing of our clients' tax returns. This makes cost-sensitive and modern advice possible.

Life events, such as birth, marriage, separation or death, are always closely linked to tax and civil law issues. In addition, far-reaching asset decisions often have to be made.

For these reasons, we advise and accompany our clients in all questions of tax law, inheritance, gift, separation and transfer of assets. We solve civil law issues together in a team with our network of experts.

Our work for private individuals consists of structuring information gained in discussions, analysing it together and optimising tax burdens. We support our clients efficiently with our own tools.

We are an independent and objective partner in matters of wealth. Before you make any decisions for or against real estate, insurance or capital investment, we recommend that our clients always seek advice from our experts in advance.

Due to our professional status and personal experience, we have great expertise in all fields and are obliged to provide neutral advice.

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