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"Organization is the big word
that the future belongs to."
                             Christian Morgenstern

These core fields form the essence of our work and are the basis for every entrepreneurial decision.

Our aim is to offer only excellent services in these areas. We increasingly use the portal Unternehmen Online of DATEV eG. Important data is processed in a modern, secure and transparent way.

We attach great importance to competitive evaluations, which every client and creditor understands.  We deliver controlling reports and graphical multi-year analyses as standard.

All analyses are available to our clients in the portal Unternehmen Online at any time and worldwide.

If required, we offer semi-annual or Q-meetings with managing directors, board members, shareholders or owner-managed companies, foundations and associations in order to exchange current figures, innovations or focal points.

The main reasons for outsourcing to our team of experts are the complexity of commercial and tax accounting with separate company codes and the plausibility of evaluations.

Constantly changing framework conditions in social security law, serious consequences such as risks of bogus self-employment, wrong social security legal classification of managing directors, under- or exceeding of pay limits, complicated electronic reporting procedures to various state institutions. Take advantage of our technology and knowledge to handle your payroll accounting.

We meet the challenges in these core areas digitally, innovatively, structured and economically.

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