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"It's not a question of predicting the future,
but to be prepared for the future."

Since our founding, we have focused on advising a wide variety of corporations, in particular companies in the fields of software development, IT forensics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and global trade.

We attach great importance to the prompt and excellent preparation of annual financial statements in accordance with commercial and tax law. Compliance with deadlines for transmitting the necessary data to the tax authorities and the electronic Federal Gazette is a matter of course for us.

We advise on the issues of capital maintenance that we believe are necessary and thus on a sensible distribution policy and appropriate profit retention.

We see insolvency protection, strengthening of equity capital, meaningful supplementation by long-term debt capital using subsidies as an important task of our daily consulting practice.

We advise and accompany managing directors, board members or shareholders in matters of demarcation in order to comply with tax regulations, in dealing with contracts between affiliated companies or close relatives.

The examination and determination of the appropriateness of executive remuneration, bonuses vs. dividends, the right company pension plan, the avoidance of liability for executive directors and board members, the necessity of shareholder resolutions, the avoidance of undercapitalisation and the avoidance of possible insolvency require special expertise and attention in advising corporations.

The moderation and balancing of the various interests of shareholders is also one of the focal points of our work with our clients of corporations.

A lively and regular exchange between all shareholders and commercial banks seems important and appropriate to us. This leads to mutual understanding and builds the necessary trust between tax advisor and client.


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