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"Anyone who wants to shape the future
respects the past."
                                                     Peter Amendt

Shareholders, banks and other creditors gain deep insights into the assets, profits and economic situation of a company through the annual financial statements.

We prepare comprehensive and meaningful annual reports. Key figures such as equity, debt-equity ratio and profitability often weigh more than the mere reduction of the tax burden in today's financial statements.

Good balance sheets reduce liability risks, bring entrepreneurial freedom and opportunities to refinance at favourable interest rates.

An excellent annual financial statement forms the basis for distributions to shareholders or partners and relieves the management or board members.

Whether annual financial statement under commercial law, tax balance sheet, e-balance sheet, digital financial report or publication in the Federal Gazette. With more than 20 years of experience, we have a broad and audit-proof expert knowledge.

We set the highest standards and use new trends, such as the digital financial report, so that our clients can pass on their quality financial statements without hesitation.

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