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"Shaping the future better,
is the past's sole purpose."
                                                                                                             Wilhelm Vogel

The expansion of small and medium-sized companies into the EU or third countries, the influx of specialists from the EU or third countries, the establishment of subsidiaries of foreign companies in our region are practical signs of globalisation.

Our clients are increasingly international, at least there are more questions about foreign issues.  

Whether the establishment of a foreign subsidiary, transfer pricing complications, the posting of employees to the EU or to a third country, complicated double taxation agreements, our clients are constantly facing new challenges.

With our experience and network, we support our clients in all questions. We look for and mediate contacts to partners or ask important questions for our clients to foreign chambers of commerce, lawyers or tax consultants. We try to combine the interests of our clients and partners abroad.

We assist foreign companies in all matters relating to the establishment and subsequent accounting of their German subsidiaries.

We have many years of experience in the preparation of tax returns for foreign private individuals.

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